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. >>> also, what are we to make of rudy guiliani? he has condemned the obama administrations decision to try khalid sheikh mohamad in new york as a threat 20 safety. yet when he was may your of new york, he found nothing wron with trying the first world trade center conspiraciers in 1993. now republicans are making the same security argument to move the guantanamo prisoners to illinois to prison there. do they really believe this, or are they just playing politics? >>> and abortion and health care. the abortion issue for health care reform. it just may be the point for conservatives, because they may want to see this kill the issue. >>> also, going after their own. charlie crist, the governor become the latest victim of the gop, who just managed earlier this month to lose a congressional district for the first time in more than a century. >>> finally, is george instead of an oppose list on to something? is hillary clinton thinking about giving up the state department to run for governor of new york? does she really want to be governor of new york and is going to run next year? he asked her a
the state surged blue for barack obama. they were out doing some last-minute campaigning. bob mcdonnell started the last day of the campaign voting in henrico county aft. from there he stopped by a polling place in the mount vernon area, where he grew up. later going to virginia beach where he serve forward 14 years in the house of delegates. democrat creigh deeds cast his ballot joined by his wife and three children. later deeds headed to a charlottesville polling place to do a final bit of campaigning. both candidates finished the day in richmond. at the scene of the mcdonnell party, new signs read, "not mcdonnell for governor" but simply, "mcdonnell governor." political observers say if mcdonnell wins tonight it will stand well beyond virginia republicans. >> this is not only a party for virginia, but a party for the national republicans this evening. bob mcdonnell campaigned vigorously against the policy agenda that was articulated by the democrats in washington, bothn the obama administration and in the congress. >> reporter: you'll hear from voters about whether their view
and president barack obama. bob mcdone hand in hand with wife maureen was greeted by the applause of staffers at his first news conference at governor-elect. >> the governor-elect of the commonwealth of virginia, bob mcdonnell. >> reporter: it was a far more boisterous celebration last night. the national gop leaders call mcdonnell's win the start of republican resurgent nationally. today mcdonnell spent little time reflecting on his success. instead he promised to govern as vigorously as he campaigned. >> first and foremost will be the mission of job creation, economic development and creating more opportunities. i said that would be our top priority and we'll get right to work bringing in some of the best minds in virginia and beyond to help us in that endeavor. >> reporter: the governor-elect was flanked by his kransation team and says he plans to appoint the best and brightest to his cabinet, one that could include democrats and independents. >> get it done or you don't. that's the way i look at it. >> reporter: mcdonnell reiterated job creation, transportation and education will remain t
and may add new items. they may drop the prices, too. >> president obama pardoned his first turkey. the bird's name is courage. president obama saved the life of the 45-pounder from north carolina and he is headed to disneyland where it will star in tomorrow's parade. the president was close to changing his mind about the bird. not really. >> today i'm pleased to announce that, thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spared in terrible and delicious fate. >> president george h.w. bush was the first to officially pardon a turkey. >> president's bahama's first state dinner had plenty of bells and whistles last night. there were 338 guests on this extremely hard to get on list. the guest of honor were the indian prime minister and his wife. some a-list, you saw jennifer hudson there, included stephen spielberg, david katzenberg. a lot of buzz today is about first lady michelle obama's dress. she chose a gown by indian american designer naeem khan. savannah guthrie gave the dish about the dinner. >> it got some real
claims on food labels. >>> president obama said today that heebls unemployment numbers will turn around soon. >> having brought the economy back from the brink, the question is how are we going to make sure that people are getting back to work and able to support their families? >> the president told his economic advisers that the key now is for public and private sectors to create more jobs. the employment rate could hit -- unemployment rate could hit 10% when new jobless claims numbers are released. >>> a mixed day for thecono on this monday. a major automaker posted big profits, but a finance company has entered into one of the biggest bankruptcy filings in u.s. history. cnbc's simon hobbs joins us with more. simon, c.i.t. group filed for bankruptcy protection on sunday. how big of a loss is that? >> reporter: good evening. it's bane long time coming. you know we knew that this would be the end result. it's a prebankruptcy. they will organize it. they will cut themselves down in size. they have a billion dlars from karl iken and asked the judge if they could have another $5 million f
scheduled appointments or command-directed activities. >> president obama tonight ordered a review of all intelligence related to major hasan and whether it was properly shared. recent reports suggest hasan's colleagues questioned his mental competence well before he was stationed at ft. hood. >>> the government has released new startling numbers tonight about swine flu deaths across the country and in our area. the cdc estimates almost 4,000 people in the u.s. died because of h1n1 since april. more than 500 of those deaths were children. also, health officials in maryland now report six additional swine flu related deaths, bringing the total in that state to 19. health experts say the new numbers don't mean the flu has worsened, it just means there is better tracking of the illness. >>> oscar-winning actress halle berry is playing a different role in life, trying to make a differen. over the last decade, halle berry has supported a program that offers shelter and counseling to victims of domestic violence called the genesee center. it's based out of los angeles. in addition to vigorously
kimberly munley. she herself was shot four times, but is recovering. president obama ordered flags lowered to half-staff today in honor of the victims. the flags will remain that way through veterans day. >> jay gray has been in ft. hood since news of the shooting broke yesterday. he starts us off. >> you don't expect it here. you don't. you always have the safe sense of, you know, nothing's going to happen while you're at home. >> reporter: late yesterday that home was ripped apart. >> i saw blood. i saw a guy pretty much get shot in his chest, leg. >> reporter: a firestorm of bullets rained down on dozens of soldiers. at least 13 were killed, more than 30 rushed to area hospitals. >> basically there was no region of the body in which there was not an injury in these patients. we have gun shot wounds to the head, neck, chest, abdomen and extremities. unfortunately in several of these individuals they were injured in several sites. >> reporter: army investigators say the most deadly attack ever on a u.s. military post was carried out by one of their own. major nidal malik hasan. this surve
, the ft. hood community is searching for a way to move forward. president obama is set to attend a memorial service there tomorrow. >> i think we're entering a new phase here and this is where i'm most concerned as a commander of ft. hood and that has to do with this healing phase. >> tomorrow's memorial is expected to play a role in the start of the healing. faly members of all 13 people killed in that attack will be part of the service. they'll meet privately with president obama beforehand. wounded and their families will also be recognized. >>> here in our area, investigators be are looking into a possible connection betwe between nidal and hasan. the former imam. julie carey joins us from  fairfax county with more on this. >> reporter: spiritual leaders are hoping that their words will fan off what is threatening their mosque. condemning their writings of a former imam here now who is praising the former ft. hood shooter as a hero. >> reporter:s it's second time has visited the mosque, one the largest islamic nations in the nation. now federal investigators want to see if
barack obama spoke about the incident about 30 minutes ago. >> these are men and women who made the selfless and courageous decision to risk and at times give their lives to protect the rest of us on a daily basis. it's difficult enough when we lose these brave americans in battles overseas. it is horrifying that they should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> general bob cohen a ft. hood commander said this is a stunning and devastating event. his prayers are with the families and victims involved with the shooting. nbc news says u.s. officials identified the shooter as army major malik nadal hassan. we don't know why the shooting occurred. back to you. >>> police in prince william county, virginia, say they caught a serial sex offender. as many as five women were brutally beaten since august. kimberly suiters here with the story. >> reporter: this is a first for prince william county. the suspect is accused of biting, beating and sexually assaulting women is just 15 years old. it's been 2 1/2 months since people in this manassas neighborhood could enjoy their
they are released. the program started last year. the obama administration is expanding it to focus on the illegal immigrants that commit crimes. fairfax is one of 95 risdictions participating. >>> prepare to see more police in d.c. over the next few days. cathy lanier and mayor adrian fenty are kicking off another all hands on deck weekend this afternoon in northeast d.c. it started this morning and will continue through 6:00 sunday morning. all available officers will be on 24-hour patrols throughout the city. earlier this year an arbitrator ruled all hands on deck to be a violation of uniform labor laws, but lanier since said the weekends are successful in preventing crime. so far this year, officers made nearly 2,228 arrests and seized $30,000 of drugs. >>> we'll take a look at the real impact of swine flu on our children. >> also coming up, tonight he was supposed to be buried with full military honor at arlington national cemetery. why that honor was stolen from a family in mourning. >>> plus, the water main break on the beltway has been causing traffic troubles for 24 hours now. we'll get s
him there. >> christ gordon. thank you. >>> on this veterans day, president barack obama paid tribute to the americans who lost their lives in battle, as well as the men and women serving in the military today. a soft rain fell as the commander in chief visited the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery, placing a leaf laced with flowers. he spent the afternoon with his afghanistan war council. there was a special ceremony at the world war ii memorial, the first ceremony of its kind since the memorial was dedicated five years ago. world war ii vets from around the nation were there. they said their thoughts were with those who did not come home from that war and with the men and women still in harm's way today. >>> veterans day is being marked in a different way for a frederick county community. friends and family of a local marine killed in afghanistan over the weekend are mourning the loss. jane watrel joins with us more on the story. >> reporter: 26-year-old charlie cartwright still keptñr h touch with his speechers at walkerville high school. today they say reality i
military post to pay their respects to the 13 killed in last week's shooting rampage. president obama spoke about each of those victims. their pictures lined the stage with 13 helmets, combat boots and rifles in a somber tribute to their service to our country. one of the fallen, major libardo eduardo caraveo was a psychiatrist. >> major caraveo spoke little english when he came to america as a teenager, but he put himself through college, earned a ph.d. and was helping combat units scope. he is survived by his wife, sons and step daughters. >> there are questions tonight about ties between shooting suspect major nidal hasan and a known al qaeda supporter. hasan is still in critical condition at brook army medical center in texas. >>> we have a developing story tonight out of montgomery county. fire officials are investigating after something in a grocery store made more than a dozen people sick. this is at the cabot john center on tucker lane.Ñi people started throwing up and passing out. pat collins joins us with the latest. what do they think this is about, pat? >>em's not çósure, wen
'll tell you what we know about the plan to move more troops to afghanistan even before president obama's big speech. >>> and if you're on a budget this one may be tough to swallow. find out where it may cost you even more to go out to eat soon. >>> welcome back to news4 at 5:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. we begin this half hour with the war in afghanistan and perhaps the busiest week yet for the obama administration. tomorrow he heads up to west point to lay out his strategy and time frame for the war in afghanistan. nbc news chief, white house correspondent chuck todd joins us now with more on what we can expect. so, chuck, how tough a sell is this going to be tomorrow especially to some members to the left in his own party? >> reporter: well, that's, frankly that's what this speech is going to be focused on. is trying to get that political will which is lacking, just not on the left, i mean frankly it's half the country. you can't find a poll where at least half the country is buy. turned against this war in afghanistan. so it isn't just the left, although that is w
first lady michelle obama was presented with the official white house christmas tree. a douglas fir. arrived horse-drawn carriage to the north portico of the white house. tonight the city of alexandria is host 0ing its annual tree-lighting ceremony. all are welcome. they are set to get under way at 7:00 at market square on king street. the city will host seasonal music, santa claus is expected to make an appearance, as well. it will be nice. >>> metro officials are addressing complaints that the stations are too dimly lit. transit agency is spending $38,000 on a pilot program to bring better lighting to its stations. metro is testing a new bank of lights on the mezzanine level. >>> the noise that may come with a new metro line to dulles have prompted some virginia congressional representatives to take action. senators mark warner and jim webb joined representatives frank wolf, jim moran and jerry connolly pressing for sound barriers along the dulles rail corridor. they ask sound walls be included in the projected. neighborhoods on both sides of the toll road are worried state budget
in the dining room. >> reporter: president obama stopped by one of his restaurants. now he is putting the final touches on his latest location in one of the most unlikely of places. you have arlington, silver spring and hear ward 7 northeast. >> people ask why and my answer is why not? >> reporter: the new raise the steak will be the second sit-down restaurt in all of ward 7. the first one wasd denny's. in a few years his restaurant will be surrounded by the largest, fastest-moving development in d.c. >> from minnesota and bening down to the new parking garage and d.c. office building. >> reporter: this will soon be the look of the $80 million mixed-use town home and project going up the at the corner of bening road and minnesota avonex door to the new department of employment services building that is still under construction. chris donatelli is the developer. >> a lot of excitement, area residents for this project and others. >> represents jobs, revitalization and ward 7 as the destination. >> reporter: ward 7 councilwoman says she doesn't want the changes comin to the ward to change who live
with trying to sell that seat formerly held by president obama. burris is not running for a full term. >>> we are following developments in the criminal theft trial of baltimore's mayor sheila dixon. after two days of deliberation, no verdict. jurors sent the judge a notice at 3:40 this afternoon. they said things were getting overheated in the jury room. jurors wanted to know if they could be dismissed for the day. mayor dixon is accused of going on spending sprees with gift cards that were donated for her constituents. the defense says dixon thought the cards were a gift from the man she was dating. >>. >> d.c. city leaders are trying to come up with a compromise over gay marriage to satisfy the catholic church. council members contacted the catholic archdiocese this weekend and asked the church to take similar positions on gay marriage that existed at georgetown university. georgetown provides medical coverage to a spouse or legallidom sil adult without recognizing the marriage itself. the arch dice sees has been trying to exempt the church from the law. the current marriage bill will come
. that ends march 31st. >> president barack obama met with economic analysts today. he says the economy has core strength but also said his administration can't sit back and be satisfied with the current unemployment situation. >>> well, the good housing news, however, was enough to spur a rally for the markets today. the dow surged 133 points. the nasdaq up 30. the suspect clo&p closed about higher. >>> senate debate on health care reform is expected to begin next monday after the thanksgiving break. on saturday the senate took a significant step toward reform. democrats collected 60 votes, just enough to open debate on the overhaul plan. but some othe lawmakers who voted in favor of the plan, say they will not vote for if again, unless some big changes are made. >> i will not vote in favor of the proposal that has been introduced by leader reid as it is written. >> if there are a whole host of other items that are the same as they are right now, i wouldn't vote to get it off of the board. >> the plan extends coverage to about 30 million americans. it also bars insurers from denying covera
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